5 Brands In 1 Outlet:
Best Way to Manage Your Business—Sagala Group

Indonesians find unique food menus attractive. To give food menus with a catchy and unique name is undeniably popular here. For example, if we look at Sagala Group’s unique menu, ranging from Ayam Retro and Hypebeast Ayam Bang Dava, Nasi Telur Babak Belur, Daruma Mentai, Mie Saus Ahoy, and Susu Murni Indie. Sagala Groups provides several options for the most unique menus and mouth-watering Indonesian food to calm your tummy!

With a modern concept, a wide variety of dishes, and also unforgettable menus, Sagala Group is one of the most successful businesses in Bandung, West Java. Check out how Sagala Group gained its success and how iSeller contributed to their success.

Interesting F&B Outlet Concept

These days, competitions among restaurants are getting tougher, and there are plenty of interesting option, but let’s take a look at what makes Sagala Group interesting. Rahmandika, the owner of Sagala Group, defines his restaurant’s concept, as a five different food brands under one outlet.

Each of them serves unique Indonesian delicacy—so, the customers have several options of dishes to choose from. To manage each outlet, Rahmandika prioritizes efficiency in Sagala Group's operation, so they could optimize the operational costs of each brand. To do so, Sagala Group uses an ingredients sharing system; one ingredient is used for several brands. This sharing system has successfully resulted in lower operational costs and reduce unnecessary food waste.

Online Ordering, A New Way to Optimize Sales

Apart from an efficient operating system, Sagala Group's success is partly due to the online-offline business marketing system, which helps optimize sales and reach more customers. Sagala Group also offers contactless food delivery services from Grab, which is already integrated with iSeller POS system. Hence, making it easier for all orders to be centralized and monitored, iSeller POS System is also able to print receipts with Grab Food logos on it.

Spend More Time Innovating, Less Time Preparing

Managing five brands’ sales altogether becomes a new challenge for Sagala Group. Moreover, each outlet has a different menu and various prices. To tackle this challenge, they choose iSeller to help them eased their work iSeller helps facilitate Sagala Group’s sales by compiling all five book menus from each outlet into one POS system.

Another helpful feature that helps Rahmandika to control sales, stock, and performance of each outlet is iSeller Web Admin. Monitoring sales could be done easily, anytime, and anywhere with a single touch. With iSeller's commitment to continue helping their customer, iSeller is always ready to fulfill their customer’s requests through their product and updated feature.

"So far, we are very satisfied with iSeller’s customer service because iSeller is very responsive and helpful to grant special requests from us."

Key Features of iSeller Used in Sagala Group

Centralized Management

  • Convert inventory data
  • Manage products and prices with one system
  • Manage multiple tenant inventory through one POS


  • Create additional toppings

iSeller Admin App

  • Monitor sales and stock

Benefits After Using iSeller?

Data Converting
Provide Business

With iSeller's centralized management feature, converting sales/inventory data doesn't take long anymore, it's 3 times faster! The Multi-Tenancy feature also helps F&B business with multiple outlets; just as how Sagala Group can manage all their outlets with one web-admin system. iSeller Admin App also helps to find out poor outlet performance and is 75% effective in helping Sagala group chooses the right strategy that must be taken to increase sales of the outlet.

Business made easy with iSeller.
Sagala Group already uses iSeller, now it's your turn!