MOVI, an 8-year Journey with Vape

Tired of smokers? Are you a smoker yourself? Smoking is very addicting, and it can be very challenging to stop. Introducing MOVI, a brand that aims to improve smokers’ lifestyle by providing a better alternative through vape.

Smoking is a harmful habit that is still practiced by many people today. Valeska Simorangkir, owner of MOVI, strives to offer smokers a better alternative through vape. In 2013, MOVI started their involvement in the vape industry.

Expanding the Premium Vape Market in Indonesia

MOVI started as a small business selling vape cases in 2013, and has grown to become one of the most popular vape brands in Indonesia. MOVI went through many stages of development, and even became a retail business with many stores in the past. Currently, MOVI creates their own products in their vape factory in Cakung.

A System Tailored for Retail Businesses

When MOVI was still running their retail business, they used a POS system that was too complicated and hard to use. This made it extremely challenging for the retail staff to input data, especially when the store was busy. After Valeska started searching for a simpler POS system, she found iSeller. Out of several POS providers that offered MOVI their service, Valeska thought that iSeller had the most capable system.

"Every division involved with the POS system can work faster and more efficiently, and their teams are happier too."

How iSeller Helps MOVI

As a scientific based company, having an optimal website is essential. In fact, MOVI has always aimed for online growth. Through this website, customers are able to connect directly to MOVI’s online shop which is also connected to iSeller POS system. Furthermore, iSeller can be integrated with Accurate, an accounting system where both front-end and back-end transaction data is synchronized togethe

iSeller features that Help MOVI the most

iSeller Online Store

  • Create your own website, zero coding required
  • Complete suite of sales and marketing tools
  • Direct connection to iSeller POS system

iSeller POS (POS)

  • Quick and easy checkout process
  • Suitable for retail businesses

iSeller Admin App

  • Get a full detailed report of the business
  • Accessible anytime and anywhere

Benefits after using iSeller?


With the directly synchronized system called Accurate, efficiency in the MOVI workspace can be increased by 50%. Additionally, since transaction data can be sent directly to the back end, workers won’t have to communicate to each other manually. Thus, the process reduces time and also minimizes the risk of miscommunication