Mama Roz, The Uniqueness of Cold-Pressed Juice

Mama Roz, successfully step up their business into one of the biggest brand in Indonesia with their unique cold-pressed juice which is different from conventional juices in the market. Here is their success story and how iSeller contributes to their success!

Nowadays, people are becoming more aware of healthy lifestyle, you can see many people start to consume healthy foods. Juice is one of the healthy trend, and this is the reason why Hendrik, the owner of Mama Roz, decided to build his own cold-pressed juice.

The Unique Concept of Cold-Pressed Juice

Mama Roz doesn’t sell normal and boring juices. They sell cold-pressed ones, to keep all the vitamins and benefits of the fruits. What special about their juices is that they only use natural ingredients. They even use honey instead of sugar as a sweetener. All of their products are fresh, and the taste also comes right from the fruits. They use no preservatives, coloring, emulsifiers, and stabilizers in their products. Therefore, you don’t need to worry. Just sit back and relax while enjoying the 100% natural fresh juice.

Using the powerful online-offline concept

To run the business, Hendrik decided to use online and offline retail stores. Not only is it so easy to manage, but can also increase their sales. By selling online in Mama Roz online store, they can reach more customers who are not able to visit their offline store because of the location, while they can still sell to offline store customers in the malls.

"iSeller gives you full control of your business, so you can focus on business strategy rather than focus on day-to-day operation."

How iSeller helps Mama Roz run their business

Managing online-offline business may sounds so tedious and difficult. But that is not the case in Mama Roz. With iSeller Online Ordering, Mama Roz could build their online website, complete with powerful features like product catalog, shopping cart, payment and delivery system. The best part is, they didn't need to build the website from scratch. Not only that, this website is integrated with iSeller POS system used in their offline store, so they can synchronize their online and offline transactions in one central management. They can also manage their product stocks and promotion program in one system.

Beside managing product data, product stock and online-offline transaction, Hendrik can also check each outlet's sales, including online sales, right from his smartphone using iSeller Admin App. Mama Roz is using SAP as their back-end system, which can be integrated with iSeller as their front-end system. This integration between 2 systems, is what considered very helpful for Mama Roz in business efficiency.

iSeller Features That Help Mama Roz The Most

iSeller Online Ordering

  • Create your own website, zero coding required
  • Complete suite of sales and marketing tools
  • Integrated with iSeller POS for offline store

Centralized Management

  • Manage online-offline sales in one system
  • Manage product inventory in one system
  • Manage product and price in one system

iSeller Admin App

  • Get a full detailed report of the business
  • Access reports anytime and anywhere

Benefits after using iSeller?


With iSeller centralized management, online-offline reporting can be done from 1 system only and this really makes things 4 times faster. Mama Roz' sales got increased by 30% too because iSeller makes the multi-outlet promo management more effective. Not only that, this centralized management system makes it easier to input sales and transaction data, stock opname and promotion so it really saves time by 80%.

Mama Roz chooses iSeller.
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