Kopikaya, A Business That Started with Empathy

Ivan, cofounded Kopikaya Indonesia, an express coffee shop chain to help a friend whose wife was diagnosed with cancer.

Motivation to start a business can sprout from anywhere. It can come from a hobby or a desire to help someone. Ivan, cofounded Kopikaya Indonesia, an express coffee shop chain due to empathy for a friend whose wife was diagnosed with cancer.

Starting from that empathy, Ivan and his co-founders started the business that their friend can manage and from there the Kopikaya Indonesia business grew.

Unique and Rich Coffee

Kopikaya offers a unique blend of coffee that is different from others. With the concept of 'richness', Kopikaya offers a variety of interesting coffee blends, with their signature being Cheese Coffee. By combining coffee with savory and salty foamed cheese, this coffee is definitely a must-try for all the cheese lovers out there.

Choosing an express F&B concept that is easy to run

Ivan and his co-founders decided to go with an express concept for Kopikaya because it's easier to operate and also lower operating costs. Unlike coffee shops with dine-in concepts, this grab-and-go concept is easier to operate. However, it isn't without its own challenges. Since it emphasizes speed and ease of ordering, the shop must use the right system to support the operations starting from ordering, payment to product manufacturing.

The way Ivan manages the express coffee business

To make it easier for him to run the business, Ivan entrusted the business to iSeller. Ivan had tried iSeller for his other business ventures and he had experienced how helpful it is in running the business. Hence, he also decided to entrust Kopikaya to iSeller. In addition to an easy sales system, he can monitor Kopikaya's business situation anytime and anywhere from his smartphone with iSeller mobile app.

"Very helpful, the iSeller dashboard is designed so that we as business owners can get a holistic real-time view of all our outlets."

iSeller Features That Help Kopikaya The Most:

iSeller Mobile POS (MPOS)

  • The checkout process is simple and fast
  • Suitable for express coffee shop chains

iSeller Pay QRIS

  • Accept all types of payments
  • Customer only need to scan in order to pay

iSeller Admin App

  • Get a full detailed report of the business
  • Access reports anytime and anywhere

Benefits after using iSeller?

Checkout process is
faster by

Tips to start an express coffee shop chain

One of the tips from Ivan for those of you who want to start your own express coffee shop is to not be afraid to take those steps. If you already have clear goals, you can start small. You don't have to take big steps right away. So, don't be afraid and just get started!

Kopikaya Indonesia also opens up franchise opportunities. This is a really good opportunity if you want to start a business but not sure how to start. Also for those of you who like coffee, don't forget to drop by the Kopikaya outlet in Cempaka Putih.

Kopikaya already uses iSeller. How about you?