Reinventing Customer Experience Through Online and Offline Integrations with IT Galeri

Starting a business is never easy. It is like running a marathon. There will be ups and downs, but what matters the most is how you stay energized and motivated throughout your run because your work would eventually pay off. The same thing happened to IT Galeri. Starting as a small retail business, IT Galeri now owns more than 25 outlets spread across Jakarta! Here is the story behind the success of IT Galeri and how iSeller helped them during their journey

In this digital era, technological developments are growing fast. With these development, demands for hardware and software have also increased. To fulfill those needs, Jovanus Arlo, the Business Development Manager of IT Gallery, presents the best and most trusted software and hardware shopping experience for their customers in IT Galeri.

Best High-Quality Products

The software and hardware products available at IT Galeri are high-quality items obtained directly from Indonesian official vendors and distributors. With their unique concept, customers love the experience of being in a luxury store, interacting with sales associates, and shopping for items in a luxury store setting.

This customer satisfaction has led IT Galeri to continue its growth and owns more than 25 outlets in Jakarta. IT Galeri also collaborates with Blibli to facilitate their customers with online shopping journeys, making it easy for them to purchase from wherever they are.

Monitoring 25 Outlets Has Never Been This Easy!

IT Galeri ensures that the time and effort spent on basic product tracking is as fast and simple as possible. As a result, they can concentrate on growing their business and delivering better services to their clients. To be able to do so, they chosed iSeller's multi-tenancy feature that connects 25 IT Galleri’s outlets to help them monitor stock availability in real-time for every outlet, as well as their online stores.

iSeller’s real-time inventory tracking system is beneficial for both IT Galeri as a seller and their customers. It helps them find the nearest outlet with an available item they want. With iSeller's real-time inventory tracking system, IT Galeri's products are all organized and come in handy. It prevents clients from waiting too long and allows them to locate the availability of products, save time, and be satisfied with the whole shopping experience.

Other than managing stock and transactions, iSeller also stored sales data safely. It allows every user, head of the store, and supervisor at the head office to view transactions at each outlet in real-time through the iSeller Admin App on their mobile phones from wherever they are, at any time of day. iSeller Admin App makes it easier for them to monitor every sale

"With our POS connected to all outlets, we can see the stock of our products and the transaction process in every POS. Also, the fast-checking system helps process our transactions immediately and makes everything easy."

Key features of iSeller in IT Gallery

Centralized Management

  • Automatic Update of In-Stock inventories
  • Manage stock of each channel and outlet

Serial Number

  • Track product availability via serial number

iSeller Admin App

  • Real-time Transaction Notification
  • Access sales reports anytime

Benefits after using iSeller?

Faster in
Stock Management
More Effective
in tracking items.
Faster in

With the serial number tracking feature for each item in the warehouse, IT Galeri can control their stock via serial number 2x faster. All products are also 2x safer because the combination of inventory reports and serial numbers can minimize product loss. Calculating stock products is also 2x faster than doing it manually.

Save your time and grow your business with iSeller.
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