ABOVE, Evolution of Online Grocery

What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase "selling vegetables" or "buying vegetables"? Normally you would think of a street-side vegetable vendor, a vegetable stall in the wet market, or supermarkets inside shopping centers.

Usually, the offline grocery business is the norm. But, Reza, CEO of A Box of Vegetables (ABOVE) has proven that the business can also be run online!

Pandemic Spurs Accelerated Digital Transformation

The current Covid-19 pandemic has ruined many businesses. Severe loss in income, and to a large extent, forced many to shut down. However, there are noteworthy entrepreneurs who also found new business opportunities in the midst of this situation. Reza is one of them.

With the rising trend of a healthy lifestyle in the midst of the pandemic, Reza wants to make it easier for people to shop for fresh groceries (mainly vegetables and fruits) without having to step outside of their homes in order to reduce the risk of virus infection. Coupled with the idea of wanting to support the local Indonesian farmers who are greatly affected by the pandemic, ABOVE was born. ABOVE is the go-to-platform for anyone to source fresh Indonesian agricultural produce from Indonesian farmers.

A New Way of Selling Fresh Produce

Building an online grocery eCommerce platform was not an instant process. Reza first started by selling directly to clients via Whatsapp direct messages. He then began scaling his business step by step to its current state whereby ABOVE already has its own ordering website and also a sizeable online presence on numerous marketplace platforms in Indonesia. When he needed the website, Reza chose iSeller's Online Store Builder that requires zero coding.

"We no longer need to bother learning how to code in order to make a website. iSeller already provides a website builder with its own eCommerce catalog engine."

How iSeller Helps ABOVE

Managing an online grocery business is not without its own challenges. Vegetables and fruits spoil very fast. However, with the right product and inventory management, ABOVE can always guarantee that the products it send are fresh. This is inseparable from the digital sales system used by ABOVE itself, iSeller, which already has a sales reporting feature and a complete suite of inventory management tools.

By constantly monitoring sales every day, Reza can understand the sales performance of each product. He then goes on to build an inventory management strategy whereby the supply of products with high-demand would be prioritized and ensured not to be excessive. This really helped ABOVE in managing its products catalog.

iSeller Features That Help ABOVE The Most

iSeller Online Store

  • Create your own website, zero coding required
  • Complete suite of sales and marketing tools

Centralized Inventory

  • Manage your inventory easily with our online system
  • Automatic product stock update

iSeller Admin App

  • Get a full detailed report of the business
  • Access reports anytime and anywhere

Benefits after using iSeller?

Human Error

ABOVE has proven that with the right sales and management platform, a grocery business can be run online. Now it is your turn. What is your business idea? Just develop it with your #SahabatJualan here. Visit our website to see the various business solutions that iSeller offers. Don't forget to subscribe to our blog, and see you in our next post!

ABOVE already uses iSeller. How about you?