Product Photography

Perfect solution for you who needs professional photograph of your products.

Photography Process

  • Brief

    Once a photoshoot date is confirmed, merchant to send through brief along with product items to our studio in Jakarta

  • Shoot

    Once we receive the brief and items, we will conduct the photoshoot.

  • Edit

    Our team of editors will enhancce the photos.

  • Deliver

    Get your professional photos in just 3 business days!

Product Photoshoot


Rp400.000/month (min. 6 months)

Additional items +Rp50.000/item

5 SKU (product and F&B items)

3 angles for each item

Plain background (does not include styling)

Can be customised based on guideline

Photoshoot done in iSeller 3rd party partner studio located in Jakarta

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